Sailing Solo With Norwegian Cruise Line podcast

What’s it like sailing alone on NCL?

Thinking about setting sail on your own with Norwegian Cruise Line? It can seem a bit scary boarding a ship with thousands of people when you’re on your own. But, don’t worry. NCL is one of the best cruise lines for solo sailors.

Sailing onboard NCL Breakaway
Sailing onboard NCL Breakaway

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Set sail solo with NCL. One of our cruise guru’s gives you the lowdown.

Are Solo Cruises Worth It?

When it comes to planning a holiday, many people envision trips with friends or family. However, solo travel has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing individuals to explore the world on their own terms. One option that has gained significant attention is solo cruises.

Embarking on a solo cruise adventure can be a unique and exciting way to travel. It offers a range of benefits and experiences that may make it worth considering for your next holiday. In this article, we will explore the key reasons why solo cruises are worth it, including independence and freedom, social opportunities, and how to avoid a single supplement.

Independence and Freedom

One of the most appealing aspects of a solo cruise is the sense of independence and freedom it provides. While traditional holidays often involve compromise and coordination with travel companions, a solo cruise allows you to set your own itinerary and indulge in activities that interest you.

On a solo cruise, you have the freedom to wake up whenever you want, dine whenever and wherever you please, and explore the ship or port destinations at your own pace. Without the need to accommodate the preferences and expectations of others, you can truly embrace a holiday that revolves entirely around your desires.

Additionally, solo cruises provide an excellent opportunity for self-discovery. Being alone allows you to have meaningful experiences and reflect on your own thoughts and desires. It’s a chance to reconnect with yourself and engage in personal growth. Whether it’s sitting on the deck, enjoying the sea breeze, or participating in onboard activities, a solo cruise gives you the time and space to focus on you.

Are you new to cruising?

First Time Cruise Help

If it’s your first time cruising, it can all seem overwhelming and confusing. That’s why we offer a First Time Cruise Help Service at Rock the Boat Travel Agency.

The best place to start is by talking with one of our team members. It all starts with you – finding out what you like and just as important, what you don’t like. Coupled with our cruise know-how, we’ll suggest the perfect first time cruise for you. Request a call with one of our team.

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Getting Social

Contrary to popular belief, solo cruises are not isolating experiences. In fact, they offer numerous opportunities to meet new people and make lifelong connections. Cruise ships are known for their vibrant communities and provide various ways to socialise and engage with fellow travellers.

Many cruise lines organise social events and activities specifically designed for solo travellers. These may include meet and greets, cocktail parties, and group excursions. These events allow you to connect with fellow passengers who are also travelling solo, creating a sense of camaraderie and companionship.

Furthermore, participating in group activities and excursions can be a fantastic way to break the ice and meet like-minded individuals. Whether it’s joining a shore excursion, attending a cooking class, or taking part in a dance workshop, these shared experiences can lead to meaningful friendships and memorable moments.

Even if you prefer solitude most of the time, solo cruises still offer plenty of opportunities for interaction when you desire it. You can strike up conversations at the onboard restaurants, lounges, or even while enjoying a relaxing day by the pool. The choice is yours, and the possibilities for socialising are abundant.

The Brilliant Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship
ATOL Protected Cruises

Putting You First

As part of Travel Counsellors, we offer peace of mind and are ATOL protected. Established back in 1994, we’re now one of the UK’s largest independent travel companies. Our mission is to bring you exceptional customer service & unbeatable value for money.

Plus, we’re always here to help – our 24 hour duty office means you can always get in touch with us no matter what time of day or night it is. It’s good to know you’re in safe hands when you cruise with us.

A modern and fresh feel in an NCL Solo Studio
A modern and fresh feel in an NCL Solo Studio

How to avoid single supplements: Solo Studios

When you cruise solo with Norwegian, you’ll enjoy freedom and choice. Choose from Solo Balcony, Oceanview, Inside rooms and Studios. And all Solo Staterooms include access to the Studio Lounge.

The best part? The savings! Solo Staterooms are priced for one.  Experience ultimate freedom and endless options when you embark on a solo cruise with Norwegian.

Exploring a Solo Studio

The solo cruise cabins are cleverly designed to make the most of the available space, ensuring maximum comfort. You’ll find ample storage options, well-placed lighting, and thoughtful touches that make your stay delightful.

Take your pick from Solo Balcony, Oceanview, Inside rooms, and Studios. Plus, all Solo Staterooms come with exclusive access to the Studio Lounge. And the cherry on top? You’ll enjoy amazing savings, as Solo Staterooms are priced for one person. 

  • Exclusive Amenities
  • Private keycard access to a Studio stateroom
  • The Studio Lounge—a private lounge shared only by Solo guests
  • Complimentary coffee, espresso, and snacks available throughout the day in the Studio Lounge (not available on Pride of America)
  • TV, safe and hair dryer
  • Ice bucket available upon request
  • 24-hour standard room service menu
  • Continental breakfast menu

Studios are available on:

Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Epic, and Pride of America

Example layout of a Solo Studio onboard NCL ships
Example layout of a Solo Studio onboard NCL ships

Activities and events for solo cruise guests

When it comes to activities and events, NCL takes special care of its solo cruise guests. Onboard, you’ll find a wide range of options to keep you entertained and engaged throughout your cruise. From fitness classes to dance lessons, cooking demonstrations to art workshops, there’s something for everyone.

In addition to the regular ship activities, NCL also organises special events exclusively for solo travellers. These events provide an opportunity to connect with fellow solo cruisers, create new friendships, and share unique experiences. Whether it’s a solo traveller meetup or a dedicated social event, NCL ensures that you feel included and part of the vibrant cruise community.

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Emma C

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Disney Holiday

Putting this very simply. I just couldn’t have done my family Disney vacation without Martin. He is fabulous at every turn and never leaves a question unanswered even for this very nervous post Covid mum ! This time has been fab and so were the last times too!

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Caribbean Cruise

Martin in excellent always comes up with some really good ideas for a holiday. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

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Honeymoon Help

10/10 Martin took the time to go through potential destinations for our Honeymoon when we laid out what we wanted. He was so friendly and knowledgeable about it all and followed up with a detailed list of 3 options – complete with videos – explaining this thoughts on each option.

Richard V

Dine when you want

One of the biggest concerns for solo travellers is dining arrangements. NCL understands this and offers flexible dining options that cater to solo cruisers. You’ll have the freedom to choose where you want to dine and when you want to dine. Whether you prefer a table for one or enjoy the company of fellow travellers, NCL ensures that your dining experience is tailored to your preferences.

Additionally, NCL offers specialty dining venues where you can indulge in exquisite cuisine and enjoy a memorable dining experience. These venues provide a perfect setting for solo travellers to savour delectable meals in an intimate atmosphere. With a range of options available, you can choose to dine at a different venue every night, or stick to your favourite spot.

Enjoy cocktails as you sail around the Caribbean onboard NCL Breakaway
Enjoy cocktails as you sail around the Caribbean onboard NCL Breakaway

Norwegian Cruise Line solo cruise bargains

NCL solo cruising offers dedicated solo cruise cabins that provide comfort and privacy. Activities and events designed for solo travellers ensure memorable experiences and opportunities to connect with fellow solo cruisers. Flexible dining options cater to solo cruisers’ preferences, and NCL offers solo cruise bargains to make solo travel affordable. Experience the best of solo cruising with NCL.

Get more included with Free At Sea

Probably one of the best add-ons available on any cruise line – Free At Sea. For a very low price, you’ll enjoy:

  • Premium drinks package
  • A number of speciality dining experiences
  • $50 to spend on cruise excursions at each port
  • A WiFi package (minutes depend on sailing etc)

It’s worth taking Free At Sea just for the WiFi alone. Think of it as getting the drinks, excursion credit and specialty dining for around the same price as you’d pay for WiFi on other ships. Read our blog or listen to our podcast all about Free At Sea.

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